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Red Data

Jim Black (Drums, Electronics)

Luca Aaron (Guitar, Electronics)

Ludwig Wandinger (Drums, Electronics)

Kirke Karja Trio

Kirke Karja  (Piano)

Etienne Renard (Double Bass)

Ludwig Wandinger  (Drums)

Five is Life

Arne Braun (Guitar, fx)

Luca Aaron (Guitar, electronics)

Sölvi Kolbeinnsson (alto)

Povel Widestrand (synths)

Felix Henkelhausen (double bass)


Philipp Gropper (Tenor Saxophone)

Petter Eldh (Electric Bass, MPC)

Philipp Zoubek (Synthesizers)

Moritz Baumgärtner (drums)

Ludwig Wandinger   electronics+processing

Elias Stemeseder Trio 

Elias Stemeseder (Piano)

Felix Henkelhausen (Double Bass)

Ludwig Wandinger (Drums)


Rebekka Salomea (vocals, fx)

Ludwig Wandinger (live electronics)


Alban Winter 

Solo Production Set





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