I'm really happy to being part of Michael Thalheimers new production of "Othello"at the Berliner Ensemble, getting to shape the piece as the only musician on stage. 

Premiere is in April 2019. Tickets here:




I am really happy about producing the new SALOMEA album.

i produced the debut album from TAU

(Philipp Gropper, Moritz Baumgärtner, Petter Eldh, Philip Zoubek).

..it will come out in 2020.

Lucia Cadotsch and I made the soundtrack to the short film "Bay of Plenty" by Milva Stutz, which is getting premiered this year. (Amongst others at the DOK Leipzig and Pornydays in Zürich.)


This Track I made with Petter Eldh got featured in Kit Downes really nice Mixtape called "THIS Is Our MUSIC". 

Heres half an hour of unreleased music I made:

Since a while i upload my own artwork, design ideas and sketches under the kirschblueten imprint: