„Future Bash“ is a series of concerts which are hosted on a monthly basis by Felix Henkelhausen and Ludwig Wandinger, that is running since January of 2017.  

They are performing composed and/or improvised music with each time changing constellations, producing a visceral variety of sonic images. It takes place at the Jazzbar Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Laskerstraße 5, Berlin. 

Shoutout for support to:

Jim Black / Cansu Tanrikulu/ Elias Stemeseder / Arne Braun / Luca Aaron / Philipp Gropper / Uli Kempendorff / Liz Kosack / Fabian Dudek / Johannes Lauer / Peter Ehwald / Ronny Graupe / Dan Nicholls / Povel Widestrand / Tobias Delius / Tomek Soltys / Wanja Slavin / Declan Forde / Otis Sandsjö / Gebhard Ullmann / Lea Schmitt / Michael Kölbel / Andrea Parkins  ...